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Our activities on the internet have reached a point where only a few companies - in an oligopoly - control our everyday activities. They use their scale to make fortunes to sell your privacy related data. What is more, you have even no more choice and your freedom is under attack. Currently, you have no access to a WIFI or a restaurant page without a social media login; in the near future, probably even not to critical services.

We have founded the GEENS NPO to empower you. Your membership gives us the possibility to continue building state of the art solutions that protect your privacy. GEENS - an ecosystem for digital services - makes you to decide what to connect to the IoT, what wearables should report to who or what the taxi service has to know of where you are. GEE - our utility token - is a bartering tool that protects your privacy and gains value.

Blockchain is not that magic that it can fulfill all dreams in one catch: the technology is made for efficient transactions and payments. GEENS bridges between efficiency and privacy delivering a user owned trusted place supervised by an ethical (technical and social) committee.

"Geens NPO" started in 2014

Geens.com - operating from Belgium - is a nonprofit membership organization that provides information technology services to individuals, governments and businesses, governed by a legal and ethical data protection control. The platform lets the users save their private digital information securely and share the information to anybody else only on their own will and benefit


Koen Kas

Healthcare Futurist and
Genomics Expert

Rudy Aernoudt

Chief Economist -
European Commission

Ivo Mechels

Consumer rights expert

Toon Overstijns

Strategy Management

Geens Team

Andre Collin

Community Developer

Linas Bukauskas PhD

Concept and Cyber security

Yves Panneels

Communication - Press Relations

Jaak Geens

Vision and Concept

Christel Verleyen

Lawyer - Privacy & GDPR Expert

Olivier Sustronck

Lawyer - Privacy & GDPR Expert

Jef Vanbockryck

Data Architecture

Jan Peeters

Conceptual Value Expert

Michael De Blauwe

Technology Facilitation Expert

Johan Loeckx

Professor VUB - AI Lab

Sigrid Gilis

Intellectual Property

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More than 40K users worldwide

Join our community and benefit more..

More than 40K users worldwide

Join our community and benefit more..

Distributed GEE
Encrypted Storage
Every Euro helps us to maintain and build solutions together


"Protecting our private data is in the fast expanding digital world of key importance. As trust is a cornerstone for progress, I am honored to support the initiative for an independent privacy platform and ecosystem in the geens.com NPO."

Herman Van Rompuy

First President of the European Council and former Prime Minister of Belgium

"Geens.com is a revolutionary way of securing your privacy and personal data online. Processes built around the platform encrypt every piece of information and data transmission, not leaving any digital traces of user activity.”

Linas Bukauskas

Vice Dean for IT at Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Vilnius University

"I am impressed with the ambition of the geens.com initiative. I have been fortunate to follow the progress of this new ecosystem. It had been built from the bottom up. It will give privacy back to the internet users. As a Chairman of KU Leuven, according to Reuters Europe's most innovative university, I want to express my strongest support and look forward to the first privacy guaranteed applications.”

Herman Daems

Belgian Economist and Professor Emeritus KU Leuven (Belgium) / Groningen (The Netherlands). President of KU Leuven University and the Bank BNP Paribas Fortis

"Since 1987, EEMA, the European Association for e-ldentity & Security has been the leading independent, non-profit, European think tank focussing on identification, authentication, risk management, cyber security, IoT and mobile applications. Geens.com aims to offer state of the art privacy components to the member community. Solutions that empower individuals, guarantee privacy and protect reputation, fulfil an existing need. Bringing back value to the members in a blockchain utility token should be a perfect way to build up value together and create confidence and transparency with all kind of legal entities - public or private. I am looking forward ​to the geens.com ecosystem flourishing, especially as there is a strong need in GDPR."

Jon Shamah

Chair of the EEMA Board - The European Association for eldentity & Security

"As the CEO of Euroconsumers (the umbrella organization of consumer organizations in Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil), I have followed during the last year the progress and the becoming of the geens.com ecosystem. The idea to offer a 'privacy by design ecosystem' to value user profiles, to ensure privacy and fundamental rights of consumers covers a strong need in the digital era. To build this concept non-profit and non-governmental should be game changing: all user data is separated from the apps so the ecosystem will restore trust and attract better services . It is crucial that privacy and security of each consumer are respected and that consumers have full control over their data, in order to make a motivated choice."

Ivo Mechels

CEO Euroconsumers

Register for free and and get end-to-end encrypted cloud storage for your personal data.

Geens for business

GDPR compliant
data protection

Geens database is end-to-end encrypted and managed under “zero knowledge” principle.

Enterprises can use Geens database to securely store their users’ data in order to comply with the GDPR.

Privacy oriented
toolset and APIs

Geens toolset and APIs allow developers to leverage Geens privacy platform for many different use cases.

It is possible to integrate into third party applications Geens single sign-on system, encrypted chat, anonymous voting and other tools.

Custom features
and individual support

Geens encrypted storage can be customized and hosted on the client servers. It can be themed according to corporate style. It is possible to use Geens infrastructure for custom blockchain use cases. Support and plans for teams are available.

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