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SiliconTops Kick-off

Announcement of the Silicon Tops (STops) project - initiative of the Geens Non Profit Organisation - with the Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) hosting this event. Silicon Tops is a place where, opposite the Valley, privacy counts. The main focus is to bring privacy concerned companies together under the STops umbrella and convince Lithuania to set up the European Agency for Privacy. The Geens components are easy to use as the backbone for the targeted technology and create transparent, open, portable and secure environment.

Academic Symposium

The data privacy is becoming more and more relevant both in private and public, also - academic sector. Geens NPO together with Go Vilnius, the development agency of the City of Vilnius, and the Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania - our host - organized a symposium to stress the data privacy essence and magnitude. The event examined encrypted data storage and secure sharing on the Geens platform. Accordingly, touching the issues related to the new General Data Protection Regulation.

Geens NPO Opening

Ethics reside within our European Geens. Following the birth of the Geens platform, the board of directors officially launched our concept in our office located in Leuven, Belgium. Continuous demonstrations of the entire Geens ecosystem were performed including blockchain implementation and the self-sovereign ID following keynote speeches.

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