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Geens NPO Membership

Geens membership is a new level of self-governing community, which goes beyond solutions like digital signatures. As a member, you’ll enjoy a far superior shield towards privacy threats. All crucial components for that create a platform that you own, rely on, and grow its value. By protecting your data, you protect yourself, as privacy should be your own personal mission.

Learn more about Geens NPO Membership benefits

How to become a NPO member


1. Create your Geens account

Type in your email address
Create a unique password*
Agree with the Terms & Conditions
Check your email to activate your Geens account

*Always remember your password. Geens holds a high level of privacy and security. Therefore, even Geens administrators cannot see or recover in case you forgot it. Please keep your password as safe as possible and learn it by heart.

2. Apply for membership*

Log in to your Geens account
Select 'Membership'
Fill in your personal data
Apply for membership

*EU/EAA countries only

Non EU/EAA countries, please select Other Extended user
Learn more about Extended users

3. Make a SEPA payment*

Use the provided details
In the payment description field, indicate your email used to register on Geens
Be sure to indicate your real email. Otherwise, your subscription could be lost
Check subscription status

*EU/EAA countries only

Non EU/EAA countries, please select Other (Extended user)


As a European NPO, Geens takes all regulatory and compliance requirements at its best. A SEPA transaction guarantees use the 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) principle. It's important having banks verify you are who you say you are. It will give you extra transparency towards the exchange platform by preventing bad players to come and eliminating duplication. So we can provide you with better service. And you are protected from such risks as becoming a victim of fraud yourself or reputational damage from using the service with others who are guilty of unlawful activity.

Extended user option

For non EU/EAA citizens, there is an ability to become the Geens NPO Extended user. This option will unlock membership services like upgrading encrypted cloud storage plans, getting more GEE for blockchain timestamping and opt-in value. However, Extended user will not benefit from the Geens NPO membership privileges that fall inside the scope of European Union law and profit-return options.

If you like to use Geens services without membership, Geens for Business subscription is what you need.

What is Geens for

Geens for Business (hereinafter G4B) is an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage that offers you easy and secure access to your files and file sharing with GDPR compliance in mind. In addition, G4B gives you tools to easily collaborate with other businesses, partners and clients for a more efficient and secure network.

G4B gives you the opportunity to:

Gather Your team and provide efficiency and security
Securely store and manage company’s and personal files and data
Access shared files in a secure and easy manner
Track file status with activity log
Timestamp Your files and terminate on demand
Collaborate with trusted partners

Get Geens for Business

Geens for Business is all you need!
Every client can purchase a G4B account that can be customized to your businesses needs. Everything is in your hands.
Visit and try the 14-day free trial or purchase it right away by clicking pricing or get started for free. Fill out the form and get started!

Sign in and get started with Geens for Business

Log in to your account


Visit and log in with your purchased account details.

Android (coming soon):

Get the Geens App from Google Play and log in with your purchased account details.


Download desktop app and install it on your device. Log in with your purchased account details.

See how to get access to Geens for business

Your business account

Geens for business is a collection of people, data, trusted partners, and tools in one place.

The best way to get familiar with Geens For Business is to upload or create files and start exploring.

Company Files - a place where files and data can be accessed by everyone in the Team.

My Company Files - a place for your personal files within the company environment. Work and prepare your files, move to Company Files for sharing with the team.

For more information, see Side menu.

Link and switch between multiple accounts

When logged to Geens, at the bottom of the navigation menu you will find an account drawer, the place where you add or switch between multiple Geens accounts.

Linking your personal and business account

To link a new Geens all you need to do is click on add new Geens user. Log in with the account you want to link or register a new one.

Note: You can link only one personal account, and multiple Business in one dashboard.

Switch between linked accounts

Click the name or your account at the bottom of the navigation menu. Pop up menu will display your linked accounts, choose one and click on it.

Due to high security standards - Password confirmation is required!
If you feel comfortable with your hardware environment, you can click remember me option. Geens will remember your password until logged out or browser session is over.

Repeat the process and continue switching between your accounts.

Set up your team

Setting up a team is easy with Geens for Business. Go to Navigation menu > Team. Click invite and then enter the email of the person you want to add to your team. Select permission and add a role type. Click invite.

Your newly invited member will be displayed in the team member list with the status pending.

Once the user accepts the invitation and creates a personal password, the status in the admin panel will be changed to activate.

Once activated by the team admin, user will be able to use full Geens for Business features that belongs to the team.

Note: invitation link will expire in 48 hours!
Extra activation step by admin is required to keep high security standard and minimize accidental mistakes

Adjust your team scale

If you purchased your membership with 5 users and you want to expand it you easily can do that by purchasing more users. Minimizing your team is also possible by canceling the user subscriptions.

Learn more at Manage users.

Side menu

Company Files

Here you can find all your teams public files.
These files can be uploaded by every team member, but only the company admin(s) can share and otherwise manage these files. The admin account, can also grant permissions to chosen team members to share and manage these files (make them admins).

My Company Files

A space for each team members personal storage witch is provided by the company where they can upload, share and manage their own files without needing additional permission and without others seeing them. These files, when ready or needed, can be copied to company files. From that moment all of the file copy management is passed on to the admin.

Shared Files

The place for shared files which are categorized by shared with me and shared by me. Each shared file is marked with a user icon which will be shown next to the file or folder in every of the storage spaces - company files, my company files, share files and etc. More information about the sharing actions can be found by clicking on a specific file and then details.

Recycle Bin

Delete files without worry. Maybe there are some files that you won’t need for a long time or don’t need at all. All deleted files are transferred to the recycle bin where once again you can decide what to do with these files. They can be restored or deleted from the recycle bin permanently without any possibility to restore.

Timestamps on blockchain

Have any important documents that need additional protection? Don’t worry, we got you covered - with timestamps you can stamp your files and not only track the progress of files, but have proof of their existence.

Our blockchain timestamping is based on NEM blockchain Mainnet.
From now on timestamp made in platform will be handled by NEM blockchain and transaction fee will be covered by Geens utility token GEE. Estimated GEE value is equal to 1 EUR. Use GEE token to buy timestamps for your data. The cost is set to 0.20 GEE per timestamp.

To learn more about benefit of blockchain timestamping, proof existence and use cases visit

For business users timestamping can be made in two ways.

Timestamping data from Company Folder will be visible for all team members with the right permissions.

Timestamping data from Personal Company folder will be visible only to that particular user.

Timestamps certificate contains your files integrity HASH which is stored in NEM blockchain with time and owner record.

Certificate can be downloaded as a file or printed directly from the Geens dashboard.

Why Blockchain

In general, the blockchain was designed to be tamper proof. If blockchain was possible to be manipulated, the whole cryptocurrency would have not existed in the first place. That is why timestamping files on blockchain let’s you confidently know that your data is secure.
It can also be used as legal evidence in courts across the globe.


Geens NPO in partnership with NEM foundation aims to empower people to securely access services of growing digital economy.

The NEM Foundation is endorsed by an international network, compiled of a wealth of experience in IT, entrepreneurship, business processes, trading, property and asset development, international management and academia. The business’ ethos is to provide NEM’s blockchain technology platform to enhance enterprise whilst being run by the people, for the people. NEM’s team provides this through an array of support and education, from training events and service providers to technical support for the ecosystem.
Our unique leadership approach sets a clear, rigorous course for an ever evolving influence growing in every business and region, at every level. As a result, our leadership team reflects a group of internationally diverse individuals with breadth and depth of experience across the foundation.

NEM Blockchain technology has the potential to change the way every industry manages its information and data. The Foundation details the opportunities in every industry to effectively store transaction, customer, and supplier data in a transparent, immutable ledger.

Learn more at


All you need is here. In settings, you can find the overview of current data about everything that matters - membership status, storage and user balance and more.

The overview gives you information on all your purchases and feature usage for an easy follow up.

Account settings will allow you to change your account details, check invoices and status of additional subscriptions. Here you can even add a personalized company look to your G4B.

Profile settings will allow to change admin details - nickname, email and password in case team members, employees or other circumstances changed.

Storage lets you check all the details about storage and purchase additional space, if needed. Users, likewise storage, will allow you to add more users, which is beneficial for growing companies.

File details

While browsing files, you will be able to see some additional information about the files depending on the view mode. You can easily access more details by clicking details which will open attributes that shows sharing details and file information.

Log allows you to track file sharing data about a specific file.

List of actions that are tracked in Attributes:

Shared with (including expiration and access type)
Date file was created
Date file was modified
File size
File type
Number of containing items, if it’s a folder
In attributes, you can share files directly

List of actions that are tracked in Log:

Sharing information (share by … with ….)
Passed time period from the action
File opened
File edited
File shared
File copied/moved

Manage data

Share files and folders

To share items with Geens users, select any files or folders, then click the share icon in the toolbar or right click > share. In the pop-up window enter the recipients emails or nicknames separated by commas, set up your preferences for data permissions and expiration time. Click “share” and your files will be shared securely.

NOTE: Follow your file activities in the log list. Learn more about Log list.

To create a shareable link or to share outside the Geens platform, select any files or folders, then click the share icon in the toolbar or right click > share. In the pop-up window select “Get shareable link’ and set up your preferences for data permissions, expiration time and password. Generate link and copy to share with others.

NOTE: Links can be modified and removed any time in the SHARING menu and Attributes window.

Folder color labeling

The color labels add new possibilities to organizing your folders.

Color labels help the users to easier identify the purpose or content of the folder via visual recognition, e.g. red color stands for urgent documents, yellow for pending, green for finished, etc. Choose your color and add your purpose.

Folders in the Geens dashboard can be labeled with six colors: Default/White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.

Color label options are accessible with right-click > dropdown or in the data information tab details > attributes on the right dashboard side.

With granted read/write permissions third parties will be able to change color labels. In details > log all those changes will be shown.

Folder color labels are encrypted, therefore visible only to trusted parties.

Short description for files and folders

Short descriptions for files and folders will help to distinguish the purpose or content of your data. It’s a time saver for work in teams and companies, which can eliminate unnecessary questions.

Short descriptions are always visible when a file or folder is clicked on and placed directly under the file/folder name in the ‘details’ tab.

Only users with ‘read/write’ permissions can edit short descriptions. Detailed log keeps record of the edited short descriptions.

Short description is limited to 250 characters.
Data description is encrypted, therefore visible only to trusted parties.

Manage storage

Since the Geens for Business account is fully customizable to your company needs, you can easily add and cancel extra storage subscriptions in menu > settings > storage. You can add 100, 250 or 500 GB subscriptions. In storage history, you will be able to track details about storage subscriptions - like status, expiration dates, cancel and renew them is the same place.

Extra storage for NPO members and extended users

Geens encrypted cloud can be expanded with extra storage subscriptions.

Due to our fair use policy principles, extra storage can be purchased only by Geens NPO members or Extended users (non EU/EEA citizens).

Become a lifetime member by filling out the membership details in the Geens dashboard Settings > NPO. A 20 € SEPA payment/Bank transfer is needed for KYC and is a symbolic fee for Geens NPO ( you will find information on how to become a member at the bottom of the page).

After the KYC procedure is completed - extra storage subscription options will become accessible in the dashboard Settings > Storage. A payment card is required for purchasing. Add your payment card details in the Geens dashboard Settings > Profile.

From now on you can upgrade, monitor and manage your subscriptions. You can have multiple subscriptions at a time. Subscribe to yearly or monthly plans, cancel or renew expired subscriptions.

Geens provides three encrypted storage subscriptions:

1TB 15 Eur/monthly - 150 Eur/yearly
500GB 10Eur/monthly - 100 Eur/yearly
100 GB 5 Eur/monthly - 50 Eur/yearly

Manage users

Geens for Business is flexible and team scale can be adjusted according to the company needs. From 2 up to 4000 users with end-to-end encrypted file storage can be added and managed by the admin. Each users’ files are encrypted with their passwords and only they can access their data.

User password / data recovery

Only company admins can add, remove team users or restore passwords.
All data belongs to the company and user files can be revoked by the company admins.
It is highly recommended to have more than one admin for a company account.

Note: Only team users’ passwords can be restored. If you lose the admin password, you will lose all your company data. Because of the high level of privacy and security, it is not possible to recover the lost admin password. Even Geens administrators cannot see or recover it. Please keep your password safe and don't forget it.

Subscription and
account canceling

Realized that you have too much storage or too many users? You can easily cancel these subscriptions in settings > account settings > subscriptions or settings > storage/users > storage/user history. After canceling these subscriptions, they will stay active until their expiration date. For that time period, you will be able to use your storage normally. You can always renew them afterwards once you feel the need to do so.

Delete your account

We encourage you not to do this at all, but if so - you can always fully delete your account.

Please remember that Geens platform is end-to-end encrypted and even our administrators cannot access your data. Once the account is removed, you will lose all the access to your stored data/content and it will be removed forever.
However, if you find our solution trustworthy, you can come back and create free account at any time.

Payment and billing

All your invoices can be found in settings > account settings > invoices. All your invoices can be downloaded as .pdf files and they are automatically generated right after payment.

All payments for additional subscriptions are made upfront. Payments are made easy, since after filling out your payment details G4B will only require your Geens for Business admin account password for confirmation. All payment details can be changed in settings > account settings > set up payment details.

Thank you for using our platform!

We build private and personal data tools towards the future. We are non-profit, non-governmental and your support and faith are what motivate us.

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us.