Take advantage of 50% discount
Reaching out to our first 5000 real members:
For our strong believers we offer a great deal. Starting from 100 Euro you have your membership for 5 years (January 1st, 2018 - January 1st, 2023), 10 GB encrypted cloud, 20 timestamps and 200 GEE extra on your account (limited to the first 5000 members).
We reach out with an "Initial Community Offering": become a member now to use the services and get GEE. After this Initial Offering, memberships will be almost for free but you will have to buy your trust tokens (equals to 1 Euro).
Limited offer
50% discount1
First 5000 members
2.5 million GEE max.
Regular fee2
NPO member3
Extended User4
Number of years
Encrypted Cloud Storage5
GEE on account6
Timestamps each year (Q1 2018)
Timestamped AcIU
Access symposiums discount
Referral bonus in GEE7
1 Take advantage of 50% discount for our first 5000 NPO members
2 Regular price applicable after the first 5000 registrations
3 EU citizens only (for the moment)
4 For non-EU citizens: same services are applicable as for EU citizens, except Geens NPO member status
5 Expandable storage by demand within the app purchase
6 GEE will be seen in your account balance
7 Refer to others and get GEE
How to become a Geens NPO member
It takes only 5 minutes to become a Geens NPO member. Double check instructions before proceeding to registration.
Register your personal account
Type in your e-mail address
Confirmation e-mail will be sent to activate your account.
Create your password
Don't forget your password
Geens holds a high level of privacy and security, therefore it is not possible to recover the lost password. Even Geens administrators cannot see or recover it. Please keep your password as safe as possible and learn it by heart.
Check your mailbox and activate your Geens account
Become a NPO member
Log in to Geens
Select 'Membership'
Select Geens NPO Membership (GEENS.COM VZW)
Fill in your personal data
EU / EEA countries only
Apply for membership
Your subscription status will be seen as pending. Status of your subscription will be validated after SEPA transfer is received.
You have 30 days to make a payment.
Copy to clipboard by clicking on text
Make a SEPA payment
Make a SEPA payment for the Geens NPO membership
Use the provided details.
Be sure to provide your account e-mail in payment description field
Be sure to use your actual e-mail, otherwise your subscription could be lost.
If @ symbol is not accepted in description field, replace it with (at).
Check subscription status
You have 30 days to make a SEPA payment.
Note that SEPA transfers can take up to 2 days.
Your status will be automatically updated based on the amount of your payment.
Copy to clipboard by clicking on text
Your subscriptions will be enabled immediately after your payment is received and provided data are confirmed.
Status and other membership related information will be shown in a Membership section.
Note that SEPA transfers can take up to 2 days.
Having trouble with registration? Contact us
Why a (not that user friendly) SEPA procedure? As a European NPO we want to follow at best all the legal rules. A SEPA transaction guarantees us the "Know Your Customer" (KYC) principle - and we catch your email from the infofield. A single feed from the banks into the system protects your privacy and will give extra transparency towards the exchange platform.
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