Frequently Asked Questions

How can I trust Geens that you are really not going to look into my data?

You do not need to trust us. Unlike Dropbox or Google Drive, in Geens your files are encrypted in your computer first and only then uploaded to Geens. This is called end-to-end encryption and because of it there is no way for us to know your files content or even file names.

How can I be 100% sure that you really operate under zero knowledge principle?

Please refer to the Ethical Committee. The members are a mixture of captains of society, including professors of famous technology institutions. They guard Geens users in accord with the ethical and privacy principles. If any concern about the Geens activity would occur, the Ethical Committee can be contacted directly.

If Geens gets hacked, will the hacker be able to see my data?

Similarly as we can not see your data, the hacker will also not be able to see it. All your data is encrypted using your password. Theoretically speaking, the hacker can use a brute force method to try to guess your password, but if you set a strong password (15-20 symbols), guessing is practically impossible.

Why there is no possibility to recover my password?

If we allow users to recover lost passwords, then using the same method, our administrators would also be able to recover passwords of our users'. We operate under "zero knowledge" principle which does not allow us to see our users' data or recover passwords and because of this we can guarantee a higher level of privacy and security than traditional cloud service providers.

If Geens goes out of business, or if Geens website is not accessible, how can I get back my data that I had uploaded to Geens?

This is highly unlikely, but if that happens, we will provid an open source tool that can be downloaded from our GitHub repository. This will be accessible always, even if the is down. The recovery tool will connect to the mirrored Geens database and with the access of your login details will download the data from the mirrored Geens database back to your computer.

What is the purpose of the NPO and what is my role in it? is an European Nonprofit Organization. By law, you can become a member - very similar like a shareholder in a “profit” organization. Income that will be generated by will go directly to the members - imagine what that means if we realize profits that are made by major internet companies. is nonprofit and can not be sold at all. That is the law. All income will go back - by definition - towards the Geens NPO community. As you are a member of the community and you have a voting right, it is you who will decide.

What is the purpose of Geecoin and how can I use it?

Geecoin (GEE) is a crypto currency based on the blockchain. It will be used as a virtual currency in Geens ecosystem and will provide voting rights for the NPO members.

Total supply of coins: 10 000 000

10% of total coin supply will be distributed to our first 10 000 users that will become members of the NPO (100 coins each).

90% will be used for the ICO campaign, new user incentives and bounties, also distributed among team, advisors and early backers.

Is Geens Encrypted Cloud already stable, or still in beta?

Geens Encrypted Cloud is currently in open beta. You can already use it, but not all functionalities are working yet, you might experience some minor bugs and some additional polishing is necessary.

We aim for September 1st, 2017 to release the first stable version of Geens Encrypted Cloud.