File Timestamping

You can timestamp your documents on the blockchain without revealing their content or your own identity. Timestamping is used to protect copyrights, unique ideas or patents. It proves that the document was signed prior to a specific date which acknowledges ownership and produces virtual identities. It can also be used as legal evidence in courts across the globe.

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Our blockchain timestamping is based on NEM blockchain Mainnet. From now on a timestamp that is made in platform will be handled by NEM blockchain and transaction fee will be covered by Geens utility token GEE.

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The Certificate

Timestamp certificate contains your files integrity HASH which is stored in NEM blockchain with time and owner record. Certificate can be downloaded as a file or printed directly from the Geens dashboard.

Use Cases

Why Blockchain?

The blockchain was designed to be tamper proof. If blockchain was possible to be manipulated, the whole cryptocurrency would have not existed in the first place. That is why timestamping files on blockchain let’s you confidently know that your data is secure. It can also be used as legal evidence in courts across the globe.

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TGeens NPO in partnership with NEM foundation aims to empower people to securely access services of growing digital economy. The NEM Foundation is endorsed by an international network, compiled of a wealth of experience in IT, entrepreneurship, business processes, trading, property and asset development, international management and academia. The business’ ethos is to provide NEM’s blockchain technology platform to enhance enterprise whilst being run by the people, for the people. NEM’s team provides this through an array of support and education, from training events and service providers to technical support for the ecosystem. Our unique leadership approach sets a clear, rigorous course for an ever evolving influence growing in every business and region, at every level. As a result, our leadership team reflects a group of internationally diverse individuals with breadth and depth of experience across the foundation. NEM Blockchain technology has the potential to change the way every industry manages its information and data. The Foundation details the opportunities in every industry to effectively store transaction, customer, and supplier data in a transparent, immutable ledger.

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Have any important
documents that need additional protection?

Don’t worry, we got you covered - with timestamps you can stamp your files and not only track the progress of files, but have proof of their existence.

Protect copyrights: audio, visual, text and other authentic work
Register caused demage
Create evidence of time and location
Protect ideas
Register the condition of possessions before repair
Capture and timestamp violations
Prove that the document was signed prior to as specific date
Register the condition of property before renting
Automatic storing and timestamping of signatures for registered mails/packages

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