Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 12 September 2017 ( (“Site”) is a file storage website with blockchain based timestamping. Our goal is to provide a platform for users who want to store and share their data in an encrypted and secure way, furthermore, to timestamp stored files in order to prove the files existence without revealing the files content or user‘s identity.

This Privacy Policy outlines the type of information collects from users who registers in the Site (“Users”) or, additionally, decides to join Geens nonprofit membership (“Members”), the way how their data is processed, the rights of data subjects and other relevant information.

The provisions of this Privacy Policy are in conformity with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (the General Data Protection Regulation).

Data controller, i.e. the person who determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data of Users and Members, is vzw (NPO), KULeuven Incubation Center, Gaston Geenslaan 1, 3001 Leuven, Belgium; e-mail address; phone number +32 487 67 57 61.

Encryption and protection of data

When you upload files into the Site, we encrypt all and every transmission of information. Such encrypted content cannot be decrypted and reviewed neither by, nor by any other third party. In order to protect your content, we encrypt your files in such way, that under current level of technology and science decryption of it would not be possible.

Decrypted files can be reviewed by the people you voluntarily and explicitly shared your content with. Furthermore, encrypted content can be accessed and reviewed from your account, therefore, we urge you to ensure confidentiality and safety of your account password. We strongly recommend you to use unique password for your account, which differs from your passwords used elsewhere, furthermore, your password should meet high standards of complexity.

You should not lose your log in data as in such case we will not be able to provide you with access to your files, however, at the same time your account password should be difficult enough in order no one could guess it.

During registration in the Site, we also collect some non-encrypted Content, for example, your e-mail address. Although we don’t use encryption to such data, storage and processing of such data is still highly secured, and access is strictly restricted by obligations of confidentiality.

What kind of information could be collected

In order to register in the Site, User shall be asked to provide his or her e-mail address, which shall further be used as a nickname and log in data.

In the course of becoming a Member and using the Site as a Member, following additional information shall be collected and processed: first name, last name, e-mail address, country, city, zip / postal code, address line 1, login details. Data subjects shall have the right to become Members and provide this information voluntarily.

The above listed information shall not be collected from any other sources, except directly from Users.


A cookie is a small data file that often includes an anonymous, unique token, which is sent to your browser from a website’s computers and may be stored on your computer’s hard drive. Two types of cookies are required to use the Site:
  • Session Cookies are temporary cookies that remain only until you log out of the website or exit your web browser. Session Cookies store only a unique visitor ID number that may be used to ensure Users and Members are properly authenticated and can view Site information.
  • Persistent Cookies remain in the cookie file of your browser for much longer, even after you leave the Site. Persistent Cookies store preferences that should persist from visit to visit, like “Remember Me,” and a unique token to enable us to understand how Users and Members use the Site.

How your data is used and the basis of such processing

Your data will be processed only for the purpose of provision of data storage, sharing and timestamping services. shall perform only such actions of your data processing, which are necessary to achieve the aforementioned purpose. Processing of your data shall be based on necessity for the performance of a contract (article No. 6(1)(b) of the General Data Protection Regulation), which you have entered into while registering in the Site and accepting its Terms & Conditions. Any other actions of processing of your data shall be based on consent (article No. 6(1)(a) of the General Data Protection Regulation) or other legal basis established in the General Data Protection Regulation.

Below we provide a list of cases how data of Users and Members can be used by
  • uses collected data internally, as needed, for research, maintenance and operation of the Site, and to create the best possible tools and functionality of data storage, sharing and timestamping for Users and Members.
  • may use data in the case of an emergency or other circumstance that we determine requires a member of the management team to directly contact the User or Member.
  • may share or disclose a Member’s or User’s data where required by law or to comply with legal process.

Security and storage of data cannot guarantee the identity of any other User or Member with whom one may share data or interact in other way in the course of using the Site.

Users and Members should be aware that takes commercially reasonable technical precautions to help keep the data secure and implements appropriate technical and organisational data security measures.

Users are free to stop using the services provided at this Site at any time. If a User chooses to deactivate the Site’s account, he or she should enter password and click delete button in the Site’s account settings. User’s account and all data associated with it, included encrypted files stored within the Site, will be deleted. There will be no possibility to recover deleted account.

For identification and legal compliance purposes, reserves the right to store your e-mail address for 1 year after your User’s account has been deleted. In addition, the Member’s data will also remain in the system for legal compliance purposes for a period no longer than 1 year. Upon the expiry of the aforementioned deadlines, we will destroy such data in a way that it will not be accessible to anyone.

Questions about the Privacy Policy and conflicting issues

We are dedicated to continuous improvement of our services, therefore, if you have any question or feedback on this Privacy Policy, please let us know by sending an email to

In case of any conflicting issues, please send an email to Ethical Committee to

Changes of this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time without further notice by posting changes online. Your continued use of Site after changes are posted constitutes your acceptance of changes of the Privacy Policy. It is your responsibility to regularly check this Site to determine if there have been changes to this Privacy Policy and to review such changes. We will post the changes to this Privacy Policy on the Site and will indicate the date this Privacy Policy was last revised. Any revised version will be deemed applicable when published on this Site.