Encrypted cloud storage with interactive files manipulation and blockchain integration.

The data you store on Geens is totally private. Even Geens administrators can not see it. No one can.
You are the only one who can access and manage it.

1 GB of free end-to-end encrypted cloud storage.

100 Geecoins for the first 10 000 users.

What is Geens?

E2E encrypted cloud

Geens Encrypted Cloud is the backbone of Geens privacy platform.

You can compare it to Dropbox or Google Drive, but Geens is more private, because it uses end-to-end encryption and operates under the “zero knowledge” principle.

Unique features

Using the floating cards interface, you can work with your files directly on Geens. You can also securely share files.

Using blockchain, you can time stamp your files without revealing your files content or your identity.

And more...

Nonprofit organization

Geens is a nonprofit organization (NPO). It is supervised by a prestigious ethical committee under international law. There is no business intention for Geens to unveil your secrets.

Geens users can opt-in to become NPO members and enjoy the benefits.


"Protecting our private data is in the fast expanding digital world of key importance. As trust is a cornerstone for progress, I am honored to support the initiative for an independent privacy platform and ecosystem in the geens.com NPO."

Herman Van Rompuy

First President of the European Council and former Prime Minister of Belgium

"Geens.com is a revolutionary way of securing your privacy and personal data online. Processes built around the platform encrypt every piece of information and data transmission, not leaving any digital traces of user activity.”

Linas Bukauskas

Vice Dean for IT at Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Vilnius University

1 GB of free end-to-end encrypted cloud storage.

100 Geecoins for the first 10 000 users.

Geens ecosystem

GDPR compliant
data protection

Geens database is end-to-end encrypted and managed under “zero knowledge” principle.

Enterprises can use Geens database to securely store their users’ data in order to comply with the GDPR.

Privacy oriented
single sign-on system

Geens single sign-on can be integrated into your application.

Log in to our trusted services with your Geens account. Unlike social networks, Geens allows you to be in control of your personal data.

Crypto currency
for Geens ecosystem

Geecoin (GEE) is a crypto currency based on the blockchain.

10% of total coin supply will be distributed to our first 10 000 users. The rest will be used as a virtual currency in Geens ecosystem.

Interested in the Geens.com platform to provide privacy for your own solution?